Let the celebrations begin


It’s September! Here in the UK is when kids go back to school. during this week, there’ll be a carefully planned (or not) phase of kids returning back to school. Many kids are back today. And life returns to normal. It’s even raining today. Or should I say spitting – as we describe the light rain that’s so typical of London.

It’s the end of the summer holidays and for many parents the end of worrying what to do with the kids during six long weeks.

I have always been a working parent, so every year I wonder what can I do and how can I spend as many time as possible with them.This year we didn’t do anything special. I had a new job starting in July, didn’t even had a proper summer break and don’t anticipate to have one until it’s Xmas time.

We were extremely lucky in London this year though. The weather has been amazing. Almost no rain, nice good hot sunny days. I don’t remember ever having such a nice July & August. So my kids were able to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Local outdoors, but still.

My eldest thinks that the summer break was not enough and has been celebrating the last days of freedom, as she puts it, meetings friends for shopping, or just inviting them over for an afternoon of Minecraft.

My youngest can’t wait. She is looking at her school uniform everyday, more than once. Putting it all on, just to make sure it all fits. Looks in the mirror and says: “I look so smart on my school uniform mum.” It’s her first year. Reception Class. And her school decided that kids will start with small groups each day, instead of all in one day. My daughter’s turn will be Friday. And we’re baking a cake to celebrate it.

It’s only once that you have your first day at school!


2 thoughts on “Let the celebrations begin

  1. Yummy looking cake! My youngest son is in Grade 11 and hates school and my eldest finished school last year and is at university now. He also said he hated school when he was in Grade 11 but misses it now and wishes he could go back. I think my younger son will also change his negative thinking about school once he has left. They both loved the first five years of school and I think its got a lot to do with the fact that primary school was co-ed but high school is boys only and quite restricting socially.


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