When all falls into place

I am entering a new era in my life.

I can feel it in my bones.

It’s a time when learning are done. Learning based on previous mistakes. On continuous trip overs. On actions that didn’t get much thought. It’s time to go forward and progress.

There’s times when all starts to fall into place, like a sweet Melody.

And NOW is one of those times.

Sometimes, and because one have been struggling to keep afloat for so long, one loses perspective of things and without noticing it doesn’t allow things to really get better.

I want to start living without looking back anymore. I want all the ressentiment to come out of my heart. I want to forgive (although I can’t forget), I want only to feel love coming from me.

Sometimes I am so angry with everything that I become biter and snap at everything. That is changing. Now when i’m about to snap at that stranger that stepped in front of me and puhed me over, I take a deep breath. And when the person looks back and apologises, I sincerely smile and sincerely say that it’s ok, no worries.

I want to live for the good.

I want to be good.

I want to be mindfulness of my actions and see what’s around me.

It’s been too long living in such a rush that I don’t find time to see. I look, but I don’t see much.

I know it’s going to change overnight.

But it’s starting.


5 thoughts on “When all falls into place

  1. I know exactly how you feel and feel the same way. My life has been a disaster since my mom died in 1993. I have made one bad decision after another and it has to stop. I need to start learning from my mistakes and not repeating them. It’s going to be a difficult journey but I’ve realised that it has to start now and the first step is for me not to live in the past anymore and not to keep thinking about all the horrible times and BE POSITIVE about the future. I need to stop being frightened of change and embrace it. Good luck to us both!

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