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Wild Child, the Seventh

After my Danish homesick blogger aupair left us in a rush I had to find a new one in a rush.

It was that or lose my job.

Because of previous aupairs leaving me stranded, I already had to ask to work from home a few times and the last time they told me to sort out child care somehow, because they could not keep letting me work from home – let me tell you that I was working as a project manager for a very well know finance company. Me in London, managing their team in Paris. Working from home didn’t make a difference at all. But well.

So I found this French girl, from Paris, that could make it short notice as she wasn’t really that far.

We spoke about house rules and pocket-money and all was good.

One week in, she started a chat about the money not being enough, other aupairs where getting more and that she didn’t like the fact that I asked for her not to go out until late during the week – my thinking being I leave the house at 7am, she need to be wide awake when I left for work; made perfect sense. I explained my reasons and she seemed to accept it.

One day I get home and the aupair had a face on. I asked what happened and she told me my 3-year-old beat her and didn’t say sorry and started to cry like the world was going to end. I sat down with her and asked for details. They were playing pirates and my daughter hit her in the head with a foam sword…. I was puzzled how that could have hurt. I still asked my daughter to apologise. My daughter said she didn’t think she should appologise, as they were playing pirates and she didn’t hurt the aupair. After a lot of talk the little one apologised and the aupair gave us a stern look and nodded her head. That wasn’t a good sign.

Second week in, I had a rock climbing course in the evening, and before leaving I said: don’t worry too much, you just need to put dinner on the table and then my eldest takes the little one to bed. It’s more to have an adult in the house to be aware if they need anything until I come back.

I came back at 11pm. It was 11:30pm and I hear a knock on the door. I felt really scared, no one ever knocked on my door that late. I went very quietly to the window and took a peek. And another one and…it was the aupair. She could not get in because I locked the door after coming back. I open the door, still with the lock and asked: what are you doing there? Out?? She smiled and said she went out with her friends! Still keeping the door locked I asked: what? I went to the course and you left my kids alone? She replied, “well you said not to worry, your eldest would look after the little one.” And I replied: “I also said it was more to have an adult in the house, in case they needed something!”.

I let her in.

The next morning I asked to get her stuff together and leave. I could not trust my children to this girl, no way.

I stayed home a week more and hope my boss would not fire me.

I was on the look again and my daughter’s nursery teacher started to ask what was I doing to the aupairs??


12 thoughts on “Wild Child, the Seventh

  1. How selfish?! I am an au-pair in France myself and feel nervous when my kids aren’t on the same floor as me I couldn’t imagine going out and leaving them at home especially if the host mum told me to stay home?? Lazy.. I’m so sorry about your experience I hope you find a better one!!


  2. Hello. You know I have read on Facebook of so many girls mistreating someone’s kids..with the nanny camera’s few are caught and taken care of by the police. It’s so wrong. Your story reminded me of the videos I have seen…

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