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Master of Disguise, the eight


It gets worse before it gets better.

Just after the wild child, I was really panicking, thinking how could I find an aupair that would be reliable.

I started to wonder if this solution would be good for us. But as I had to travel once a month, with only one-night stay, I really needed someone to live in and the cost of a live in nanny was out of my lead.

Suddenly I received a message from this French girl. She just arrived in London to meet her host family but they left her stranded. No one showed up to meet her and she was in London by herself, with nowhere to go, no friends and no money.

The mother in me kicked in. I advised her to go to the police, they would find her a hostel to stay. She said she already gone to the police and they said they could not help her. I was so outraged. It was 9pm and I said she could come over and stay with me. That I would interview her the next morning and if we agreed she could be our next aupair. I prepared the room for her and waited. It was 11.30pm and she said she found a hostel for the night. We agreed to meet in London the next day, so I could interview her.

I met this lovely African girl. With an angelical big smile and sweet voice. She was very humble and very down to earth. I liked her and she like me, so the next day she came to stay with us.

She had a difficult to pronounce name and said she’d rather that I’d call her Morgan, because that would be easier for everyone.

All went well the first days, she was doing well and getting on with my daughter. She told me her mum was very grateful she found me.

Second week came. My daughter asked me to tell the aupair that she didn’t want to have showers, but baths instead. Our water pressure was not so good and the water kept going cold. I asked my daughter why didn’t she say that to the aupair herself. My daughter replied that she did, but the aupair said baths were for babies. Alarm bells. I spoke to the aupair and she said it was ok, she would give her a bath instead.

The next day, as I step in the house I think see the aupair throwing my daughter on the sofa. I asked what was that, she said she just escaped her hands. I asked her to be careful and asked my eldest to spend more time with them to see how she was treating the little one. My eldest had nothing to report.

Just before the week ended, I was at work and got a message from the aupair:

“Hi, I am very sorry to ask this, but could you please pay me a week in advance?”

I replied: ”Sorry, I can’t do that.”

She came back: “It’s ok, It’s just that the weather is turning (was end of September) and it’s beginning to be cold and I don’t have warm clothes. Just wanted to buy some.”

This broke my heart and I replied: “I’ll see what I can do”.

Friday I came home with her payment, plus the week in advance and told her that was an exception, I never pay in advance. She was very grateful.

She would go shopping that weekend. The aupairs don’t work over the weekend, it’s their time to do what they want.

On Sunday, as I was playing with my daughter it suddenly hit me.

I hadn’t seen the aupair since Friday evening.

My heart started to pound.

I run upstairs to her room. Knocked on the door.

No reply. Opened it.

The room was empty. All her things gone. I came downstairs disoriented and told my eldest she was gone, looked at the coat hanger and seen my leather coat was missing. I also found a kitchen knife was missing. And she also went on my laptop and deleted all messages that we exchanged (I didn’t have a password on the laptop).

I text her:

“Morgan, where are you?”

She replied:

“Who is this?”

“You know very well who I am.”

“Oh, sorry, had to leave, wasn’t working for me. It’s hard work.”

“Ah, so you decided to steal my money – I paid you in advance, you didn’t work, that’s called stealing! And you also took my coat and a knife! I gave you a house when you were left on the street and you do this? Oh no, wait a minute, this was just a scheme, right? To rob me! You better go back to France, because I am going to report you to the police. I have your phone number, photo, name (she wrote to me in an email, that now was deleted, but I made her believe I had wrote it down) and you’ll be in big trouble.”

She just replied:”Coat? Knife? I don’t know what you’re talking about. And the money, I didn’t steal it, you gave it on my hand!”

I reported her to the police and posted on Facebook. Just her phone number, false name and physical appearance. I had nothing else.

From that moment on, I decided to ask for a photocopy of passport from all aupairs.

I so was gutted I had homed a little criminal. Just thinking about it makes me shiver.


7 thoughts on “Master of Disguise, the eight

  1. Oh that’s just awful. I’m glad she’s gone, as I bet you are too! YOu are leaving your most treasured beings with someone else and have to trust the totally. You know that some childminders are registered to do overnight care too? Or, perhaps you could find someone who does normal childminding, but would be willing to stay at your home for the times you work away. I’m a childminder and treat children exactly as I do my own child. Ok, I don’t shout at them as I do my own son haha! I can see why a good nanny would fir you though if you’re on your own with the children. Good luck

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