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The Blogger…the sixth

the blogger

After the amazing experience with my last Italian aupair, I was super positive, my faith was restored.

After much looking and filtering I got to this sweet Danish girl, with long brown wavy hair. Super mega fan of One Direction. Actually, she wanted to come to the UK, so she could have the opportunity of going to their concert. She even had tickets for their next show in a months time.

As soon as I put my eyes on her I knew something was not ok. She must have had some kind of accident and her face was covered with heavy scarring. She almost had no nose and her voice was very very low. She must have been quite conscious of it, because she kept most of her face behind her hair and was always looking down.

This humble girl joined us with a smile in her face and superb manners. But behind that sweet girl was a fierce critic. She kept a blog about this experience. And kept posting negative things about England, British way of living, me, my family, my home.

She didn’t know I found her blog (there was a link on her facebook page) and that I translated her Danish posts. So I was getting blue in the face, to keep my silence about what I was reading everyday.

She never posted anything bad about the little one and that was what was keeping her place with us. But she started to post photos of my daughter, just fun things they were doing together and I had to have an out of the blue chat, saying that I didn’t know if she had intentions of posting photos of the house, or my daughter, but I would like to ask for her not to do it, because of privacy reasons. She looked very panicked with my request and the day after all the photos were all taken.

One of her other highlight was the first three days, she decided to go and get my daughter from nursery a bit earlier. The thing is that I had all planned out for my little one to have lunch at nursery and then be picked up. As she was picking up my child earlier, she was not having lunch. She was eating as soon as she got home, snack, not lunch. On the third day the nursery manager sent me a note saying: no lunch?

Three weeks passed and one day she came to me holding her head even lower than ever. She started to cry and say she was home sick and could not carry on with it. Her mum bought her tickets for the next weekend. She didn’t even get to go to the One Direction concert!

That gave me two days to find a new aupair or get fired from my job.


3 thoughts on “The Blogger…the sixth

  1. Breech of confidence! Not good! The thing is we shouldn’t have to tell people not to post photos of our children on social media. It happens all the time, child goes to party and your child is all over FB! Being in childcare myself it is a definite no no!

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