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No vices here


Vice is most times associated with immoral, wicked, impurity and evil. Before looking at this prompt, I thought it was just a synonym to addiction, but I see now it’s much more deep than an adiction, it’s taken as an offense to society, against religion’s principles (also find that can be a sin).

Having said that, I don’t any vices. I have small inoffensive addictions. I can’t live without coffee. I’m exaggerating. I could. But I would most likely go through a few days of intense migraines.

A few years ago, it was my first day at a really nice job. I was super excited and nervous about starting. So much so, that I completely forgot to stop by my local cafe and have my morning espresso. When it came to around 11am I started having a horrendous headache that very soon became a i. I could not understand why that was happening and why on my very first day. I wanted to make an impression. A good one. A good remedy for bad headaches is to have an espresso with a few lemon drops, no sugar. Only when I went for my remedy I remembered that I complety forgot my coffee that morning and that was why I was having a painful head!

I used to drink as many espressos as I felt like. Sometimes six. Sometimes eight. Moved to London. Got older. Coffee started to have an odd effect on me. Made me shaky and anxious. I had to cut down to 3 a day. Last week I cut down to two a day. I think I’ll keep it at that. Love me coffee.

6 thoughts on “No vices here

  1. I gave up coffee over 11 years ago. I STILL crave it. That alone makes me not want it. I love the smell, miss the taste and I’m okay with that. No I wont drink decaf, its the gateway back to the real think IMO. I hear chicory is a good substitute as is dandelion root coffee.

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  2. Oh I miss coffee so much. Had to give it up because of acid etc. But the withdrawal–well you know the headaches. Then I found out about cold press coffee. You put one cup (or whatever amount works for you) of ground coffee in a covered pitcher of water. Set on the counter for a day. Strain! Voila, the most awesome acid-free coffee. I also found that the side effects of caffeine were substantially reduced. It stores in the fridge for a couple of days. Check it out. Looking forward to reading more about your small inoffensive addictions.

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