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What are you good at?


Tell me 5 things that you’re really good at, that you love doing, that make you an expert!

Here’s mine:

1 – Crochet;

2- French Plats;

3- Coking;

4 – Interviewing;

5 – Photography


Your turn!


12 thoughts on “What are you good at?

  1. I’m not sure I’m an expert in any as we always have something to learn but here’s mine!

    1. Childcare! It’s my main profession!
    2. Reaching the top shelf! (Hubby is short so always doing this!)
    3. Being ‘Moms Taxi’ to the children!
    4. Caring about friends and I’m a good listener! Hey! I have friends with issues!
    5. Chasing my dog! – Mainly away from the front door!

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  2. What am I good at–thankfully I appreciate my strengths now:
    1. Mentoring – particularly those interested in fitness and higher education
    2. Organizing
    3. Being a friend
    4. Dealing with change
    5. Staying on track to reach goals

    Thanks for a great, thought provoking question.

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