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Life is not perfect. We hear all the time, that everybody makes mistakes, although some people look perfect.

It depends on how you look at life.

Where one sees a mistake, others see little mishaps, or even better opportunities to learn and grow.

That’s how I chose to live. I don’t let myself be putdown by my mistakes. I know I am always doing my best. When something goes wrong, I look into it, put into perspective, but most of all I try to see what could have been done better and what am I learning from that experience.

When you look at other people’s lives it looks that they have it all sorted and everything works. Sometimes while browsing on Facebook I find myself thinking how can some people get it so right, where could I do better. But I quickly move on, close the app and feel proud of all I achieved and the life I manage to have.

And there’s times when you label something as a mistake and actually other people don’t see it that way. I made a painting a while ago and kept it on the mistakes pile. One day a friend of mine came around and was looking over all my paintings, picked one up saying she really liked that one. I looked at her and laughed , thinking she was joking. She asked if she could have it. I was very quick to say it was a very bad painting, a mistake that I intended to cover in black paint, so I could do re-do it. My friend pleaded with me not to touch it and asked to keep the painting. I gave it a second look and could see it in a different way. Mistakes are also subjective.


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