Did you cheat when you were a kid?

Playing games, Monopoly, cards, whichever. Where you one of those savvy kids that knew all the tricks and would cheat in order to win?

I wasn’t.

I didn’t have any interest any learning the tricks that would enable me to easily win a game.

And that trait kept with me all my life.

I didn’t take advantage of knowing someone at a good newspaper to get my first job as a journalist. I went on applying for other places and got it by my self-merit.

I’m not sure I did well choosing the long way around it. I didn’t see practical advantages of it. While other people that took advantage of having friends in high places went on to have a more successful career.

Today, I will take advantage of any help for my children. Life is hard enough as it is, let alone us choosing the hard way.


7 thoughts on “Cheat

  1. I used to cheat in games as a kid, I used to never cheat in exams, I thought is below my level to do so, because I thought I have enough brains to clear the papers on my own, I have cheated a lot on people for excuses that are sound reasons only to me. At the end of the day, its a matter of choice.. whether cheating makes you feel like a cheat or makes you feel like a fighter who won’t give up till the last.

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