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The tittle things


I am always amazed on the amount of details of some miniatures and I wish I had such skill and perhaps patience to be so detailed in what I do.

I am more of a “the big picture” person. I see in general, I am good at deducting from the general. Ask me for detail and you lost me. The issue is that I chose a job that requires “eye for detail”. Each time I’m asked in an interview if I have good eye for detail, I obviously say yes, but feel so self-conscious knowing that actually that’s something I really stink at.

Let’s say that I do have for detail when I am really into something, or if it relates to my kids, but either than that I’m useless with detail.

A good example of my eye for detail is when I finish cleaning my house and all is looking amazing, just for a friend to come around and ask why did I leave a spider web hanging from the ceeling….Well I didn’t look up! And even if I did, the shininess of the room would have allowed me to see it. I have many funny stories on the account of not looking into the detail. And the more excited I am about something, the less I’m able to see the detail.

This way of being, got me in trouble already and once almost cost me my life. But I had a clarity moment, looked into the detail and managed to save myself.

I even started doing mindfulness to learn how to slow down and see more of what’s in front of me. And you know what? It helped.



3 thoughts on “The tittle things

  1. The world is so large and it seems so strange that in order to see how large it is we need to focus on the small details or else we miss something. Hahah. Great post and funny too. Thanks for sharing. P.S. Zanshin is a great philosophy to develop mindfulness!

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