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Fifty is not old

agingWe live in a time where aging is looked down upon. No one wants to look fifty, or even forty.

Here’s my facts about aging:

1 – Nowadays women can’t age – they should get to 35 and stay there for as long as possible (impossible);

2- Celebrities resort to as many plastic surgeries as they can – and they can a lot;

3 – 9 out of 10 times people overdo plastic surgeries;

4- People usually look worst after having plastic surgery. It looks like Surgeons still don’t master the art of natural look plastic surgery;

5- There is beauty in getting older;

6- We get wiser as we age;

7- Aging is just a natural part of life;

8 – Could it be that scientists already found the eternity pill and are not telling?

9- We now know, more than ever, what causes premature aging and we keep ignoring it;

10- When I was a child I used to think a 40 years old person was an old person

11 – When I was a teenager I used to think I’d be happy if I’d live up to 40 years old. Now I want to get to 80;

12 – I don’t think I’ll ever have plastic surgery;

13 – I would love if scientists came up with a way of aging without pain;

14 – We should go back to look after our parents when the time comes that they need us;

15 – Ageism is now more prevalent in our societies than ever before;

16 – I don’t like grey hair and I don’t think I’ll ever have mine on show;

17- I don’t feel comfortable saying my age at work (not fifty yet) because I feel I would be discriminated (ha me thinking that I look younger);

18 – Time goes by faster since I turned 35;

19 – older people are happier and calmer. They start to accept who they are;

20 – I can’t believe Meg Ryan had plastic surgery. Another example on how much better she looked before.

Leave your facts about aging, I would love to know your thoughts.


10 thoughts on “Fifty is not old

  1. I remember being a teenager and wishing I was in my 20’s! I wasn’t worried about growing old and guess one day I will be at an age where I will worry. I’m looking forward to things that aging will bring, like grandchildren, my children visiting me and having birthdays together with their families. There is always a positive!

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  2. I used to worry about getting older especially after my divorce at 53. Men like younger women. I will be alone forever. I will never find a job after being a stay at home mom. I’ll end up a bag lady etc. Then tragically my friend’s daughter was killed by a drunk driver at the young age of 34 and I realized growing older isn’t a gift everyone gets. So now I welcome each birthday, each day and year as the gift that it is.


  3. I’m at the end of my 50’s now, I’m not scared of getting older but I don’t like to way my body and face are deteriorating before my very eyes, after being young and flawless once. Plastic surgery is a no no, and I think it disfigures people more than making them look younger. You have to start learning new make up tricks, but it becomes a challenge learning how to put makeup on crinkly eyes. Hey, but I don’t mind getting older it’s a privilege that not everyone will be given.

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    1. I totally agree with you. There are a lot of makeup products available though. But, there’s nothing we can do against aging. And better have wrinkles, than being disfigured by plastic surgery ha πŸ™‚

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