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For the Best


Did you get more careful as life go by? Do you weigh your decisions for longer?

I was always the kind of person who would think about pros and cons of a decision. I always did that assessment really quick and carried on being sure of my choices. I’m still a bit like that, once I take a decision, it’s taken and I don’t look back on what if.

But as I had more experiences in life and realised that sometimes things are not what they look, I became wearier of situations and specially of people.

And because my kids wellbeing is more important than anything else (like for any other parent), there’s when I almost look sideways to a decision taken. But as a responsible parent I need to take difficult decisions and stick by what I believe is best.

I recently met a woman that had to make one of those difficult decisions.

She had to decide if her kids could keep contact with her ex-husband. Him being an ex-convict for domestic abuse, unbalanced person, that had the habit to use the kids to control her. He’s main interest in keeping in touch was primarily to keep controlling her life through them.

The kids were feeling manipulated and were not enjoying even the phone contact. One day she stood up, had a conversation with both kids and she told them she was going to make the decision of cutting all contact. That they could go back in touch when they are adults and prepared to manage and deal with such kind of person, but she would not allow that self-centred parent to put her children’s future into jeopardy!


3 thoughts on “For the Best

  1. I have been in a position where many times, I’ve wanted to cut contact with my daughters fathers. He is a good Dad when he has her but when he is in his home and we are 100 miles away he is manipulative in the most nasty way! She is oblivious to the control he has over her. He has even got a book with everything logged that I have done that he feels he can use against me! YES! He actually told me this! Nasty Through and through! I wish I kept a book sometimes because I can’t remember all the things he has done! There were so many!


    1. It’s so hard. I just think if I really tell her the true reality about him is it going to do her any good? My eldest daughter had a really rough period with all the mess he caused. The kids put up with anything from their fathers because they just want to be loved and try desperately to have a normal relationship with their parents. But for us is outrageous to see our kids being manipulated by a selfish pig 🙄


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