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What’s in my bag


I feel very privileged, as a woman, to have so much choice in terms of bags.

Men don’t have as much choice and many times and see them struggling with their posessions, trying to find some space in their pockets.

We have them small, big and enormous! Plain, sparkly and bold. Bags can cost hundreds, thousands or just a couple of pounds down at the local market.

I don’t know how, but it doesn’t matter what size my bag is I always managed to put so much stuff in it that it’s never easy to carry! Sometimes I can’t even remember what’s in it, and do a thorough inspection to ascertain what’s making it so heavy that day.

Here’s what I usually find in my lovely bags: makeup bag, umbrella and sunglasses, cardigan, chewing gum, pens, lots of pens, a notebook, or two, hairbands, hairclips, hair brush, rings, bracelets, purse, car keys, house keys, phone, train ticket, random toys, lots of shopping receipts, letters and postcards, headphones, phone charger & post-it notes.

What about you? What would you find in your bad if you had a little look now?


6 thoughts on “What’s in my bag

  1. Haha! This is a good one! I don’t have a bag! WellI I do HAVE bags but I don’t use one daily, I guess because i work from home. I have my daughter’s change bag for nappies etc. The only time I use a bag is if I go out in which case its the normal phone, wallet and lippy! My daily bag however is my dog walking bag which contains a ball, treats and poo bags! lol


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