How bad are we treating our people

anxietyIn a month, it happened more than once, that there is an odd violent attack and the reason is simply that the person had  mental health issues.

Mental health issues…

US, Germany, France, UK…

What is happening that we’re seeing more and more people with severe mental health issues, walking around in our streets like nothing is happening?

Why aren’t this people having help and support from our Health Gov. Departments?

Why aren’t we being protected from extreme violence, from people who are visibly unbalanced and due to their illness are a danger to society?

Why are this people not being treated and having the propper support?

The extreme violence is just one edge of the problem. We also have a whole lot of teenagers suffering mental health issues, that are having no support. There aren’t enough doctors/staff to look after them, to support them, to help them not getting even worse.

I know of a secondary school where at least half of the girls suffer from anxiety, to a point that they have daily panic attacks. And the school is trying to deal with it as they can, no trained staff, just as they can. The other kids are also helping this kids, as much as they can, learning strategies to cope with it, becoming their friends carer’s, when it should be the government responsibility to look after people.

I am worried about where the world is heading to.

Without people, what would be of us?



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