Do we only give value to having a job when you’re out of work?

I don’t. I felt grateful many times, while I was working, for the past 10 years.

But this job search is taking over my life. 

I can cope well with the job search and the idea that finding a new role takes time, but my finances are not taking it so well. I am now spending my last ££. It has lasted for two months and is now running out.

And I am starting to apply to more and more jobs, many of them don’t make any sense at all, but am I getting to the stage that I am about to drawn. And the whole problem is that I have my 2 kids with me.

I feel that I am failing them. 

I spend my waking hours either looking for work, in interviews that I know will not end up in nothing (because I am applying for a salary, not for a job anymore) going to futile job centre workshops that just make me feel humiliated and useless (how to write a CV. Initially I was interested in this workshops, but when you see the basic level, lack of detail and what a waste of time it can be, it’s not a good feeling to be told that if I don’t attend I won’t get my £70/week…

“You have an amazing CV! You’ll be snatched in no time!” 

Stop Saying that and just give me a bloody Job! What’s going on?

I am a positive person. I am strong and all that jazz… But am getting lost here.


6 thoughts on “Obsessed 

  1. I’m not liking these posts so much … not because they are not written well because they are! I can feel the worry and panic in your writing! I know I’m on catch up as I work through your blog but it makes me sad to see a new virtual friend struggling! I’m praying it gets better soon for you!


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