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Two Foundation, One Concealer & Mascara


It’s Father’s day next Sunday, in the UK. I am always dreading that day. My kid’s father is out of their lives for good and it’s still difficult for them to deal with it. Specially for my youngest one.

Primary schools make a big thing out of this day. I suppose it’s normal and well due to fathers, but it makes it a bit awkward for kids that don’t have a typical family.

The first conundrum came when kids in school started making a present for dad. As the teachers know we don’t have one, they spoke to me and we decided that they would put my kid in other activities, without telling her that she was not doing it. But last week, my kid came home, telling me how forgetful her teachers were being, as they keep forgetting to give her the father’s day activity. I spoke to the school and asked for my little one to do the activity anyway, as she was keen on it.

The kids were making a tie for Dad and when asked what she was doing with hers, she happily said she would put it in the kitchen, for decoration.

Yesterday night, my daughter told me that today they were having a “Father’s Day Breakfast” at school and that she’d like to me go. She offered me the tie and also asked me to wear it today. I agreed. She also added that she’d like me to wear the tie.

This morning, rush-time in our house, the little one chose my clothes, my shoes and my hair do. All great. Then I went for the final touches with the makeup.

Makeup? My essential #makemepresentable kit was not there: 2 x foundation, 1x concealer and my mascara.

I asked the eldest one first. She said she never saw it. That probably the little one hid it. I asked the little one. She said she never touched it. But the little has a bit of history in this type of scenarios. She sometimes gets our stuff, such as keys or phone and hides it under her bed, under her mattress, or inside one of her numerous bags. So I asked again, I said  would not be upset, if she told me where it was. But I was getting nothing out of her. She kept saying she never got it. Even offering to help me look for it and all.

I started to doubt myself. Did I misplaced my survival kit? What if I would never find it again? Could I go and face the other parents all natural? No way!

After about half hour, I was appealing to everything. I even said that if I could not find my makeup, I could not go to the breakfast thing at school. She said she wished she knew where it was, and suggested I looked inside my drawers as well. I went for the drawers where I keep my clothes….And there it was: 2 x foundation, 1x concealer and 1 mascara. I looked at her and said: “did you put it there?”, and she just answered, “mum, if I did, I must have been sleeping. I don’t remember touching it…”

Ok, I sat with her and explained why she should not go and mess around with other people’s things, hide it and not saying the truth….But inside, I was laughing at her cheekiness!



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