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Even I watch Game Of Thrones


I am usually quite averse to mass consumption stuff, be it books, clothes, tv programs, series, you name it.

I don’t like it when something is made just for the purpose of being consumed by millions, like a money machine.

I started reading Game of Thrones quite a few years ago, way before the tv series came out. And when I heard it would be made a tv series, I was a bit concerned about watching it, I didn’t wanted nothing to ruin the great experience I was having with the books.

I didn’t watch it as soon as it started on tv, but then I couldn’t help the curiosity and gave in.

I agree there was quite a lot of sex scenes, quite similar to the books. But I was amazed with the great job they done with the casting. The characters didn’t disappoint at all, they were just how I would like them to be, so I became addicted to the tv series as well.

As we stand now, here in the UK, we are on season 6, episode 8 – episode 9 coming up this Monday evening. *spoilers*

I absolutely love the way Arya’s character developed and one of her best lines was: “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell – And I’m going home.” I was waiting for her to say this for ages!

I love the fact that John Snow was brought back. I love honourable man and John is probably one of the last ones.

There’s something fishy about Daenerys, I like her story and many times wish she gets what she wants. But there’s still something about her, I can’t put my finger on it.

I am also rooting for Yara and Theon! She’s a strong woman, my kind of person. He is a nice chap that just wants to be accepted and recognised.

Now, will Sansa and John Snow defeat Ramsay and get Winterfell back? I think they deserve it, by now. And that’s really cool that we can actually visit the location, in Belfast.



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