Struggling here


I have been in a constant Struggle for a while now.

For longer that I think someone can sustain.

I am so tired of struggling. Running out of ideas to come out of it and feel more and more to just give up. Just stop trying and go with the flow.

Being responsible for two young kids, had stopped me to just stop and kept me fighting.

I just want to find a job. I have always worked all my life and provided for my family and now, due to unforeseen circumstances I see myself looking and unfortunately not finding.

People praise my cv and my experience but then nothing happens. I’m having a bad day and today’s prompt just helped me to rant a bit. Now, let me go back to apply for more jobs.



7 thoughts on “Struggling here

  1. You are not alone. I’ve been there too. It’s like the bottom has fallen out from under you all over again, isn’t it? You’ll regain your footing. The right job for *you will come along. Meanwhile, enjoy the extra time with the kids if you can – and keep writing.


      1. Cristina, I have been there. It is terrifying at times. I was out of work for 18 months when unemployment rates topped 25% in my area (for both unemployed and under employed). My savings were all but gone. I found a job (that I have today, in fact) that was listed with a head hunter. They listed just enough information that I was able to google a bit and find out where to send my resume. I was hired the day after I emailed and have been here now for over five years. Not a good time off plan but I deal with it. Decent salary after the first two or three years. I hope and pray something good comes your way very soon.

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      2. Thank you. I have good days and terrible ones. This week’s been horrific. Two of the jobs I thought I had a chance said no. Not because I am not good enough, but because I didn’t do well interviewing. I am starting to be anxious about interviews and want to find my peace so so much…


  2. Better to get the rant out here than let it have free rent in your head. Others can relate and hopefully offer some encouragement. And maybe offer the prospect that periods of not working outside of the home are an excellent time to focus on taking care of you.
    That’s what happened for me, a few times no less, when I didn’t have a ‘label’ for myself of this or that position with this or that company. In hindsight, I can see now how great those periods of my life were. Even the one where I got fired from a job lol.
    Anyway, I get what you’re going through and hopefully you’ll find exactly the position you want that will honour your CV and honour you too.
    Good luck … Marianne

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