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The Circus is coming to town


I was always fascinated by the circus!

When I was a little girl, the Circus used to come to our town every year. When we saw the trucks driving through our houses, all the kids would run to the usual place the would set their huge beautiful tent.

W e would then sit around there and watch the circus go up, bit by bit, the carpets, the sits, every single detail was magical and we would start to imagine all the magic.

Some of us, the really brave ones, would go around the back and take a peek at the animals. There was monkeys, lions and an elephant. There was also other small animals, but we would stare at the really dangerous ones. They looked well care for and we had no idea of the atrocities some animals go through at the Circus. It was a naive fascination.

This would usually all be set up just before the weekend, summer time. That weekend was so fantastic. All families would go out for the Circus matinee and fun was guarantee.

There’s no circus around here. I would like to take my children, but only find shows that are more oriented to adults. I’ll keep looking, eh?


One thought on “The Circus is coming to town

  1. I’ve only ever been to the circus once when I was about 8 years old. The clowns scared the hell out of me! they were right in my face! I’ve never been again but I guess I should at least take my children so they can experience the Big Top!

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