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The shock was too much and she felt numb.

News spread, friends and family came around, trying to make her feel better and being commiserating.

She looked around, smiled and nodded. Ruth needed to look like she was coping and nothing much would come out of it. She needed to look sane.

That night she cooked dinner and put her children to bed, as she always did. But there was a sense of urgency to finish her daily tasks and, more importantly, to know the kids were in bed, fast asleep and unaware of her state.

Ruth longed for that moment and she’d be alone, with her own feelings and could finally let that mad pain, that had been stinging her body the whole day, come out.

The house was quiet. It was dark outside. She sat down in the garden. She could see the moon. It was a clear cold night. There was a glass of wine on the table. She could let go now.

The wine was not drank. The tears didn’t roll down her face.

She felt blank. Emotionless.



5 thoughts on “Shock

  1. Very nice… I personally had a few moments in my life where I’d prepare to cry, to scream out (out of pain, misery, hurt, you name it) and nothing would come out… absolutely nothing.
    Keep writing. Thank you


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