I’m quite an orderly person.

I go to the supermarket with a list and bag my goods in an order, so when I get home it’s easy to put them away in the cupboards: rice, pasta, cans in a bag, all fruit in another and so on.

At work, my desk is probably one of the tidiest.

I’m constantly planning and putting things in an orderly manner, even if just in my head.

Don’t take me wrong, I also give space for spontaneity. I have days that I just don’t care about order.

That I don’t even look at the clock, and give myself a break. But my brain needs order. I can’t sit and relax if I know my house is upside down.

So when the weekend comes, I get up earlier as usual and at around 8.30am I have done all the tidy up, the clothes are outside drying and I’m getting ready to cook next week’s dinners.

After all that is done, I relax and enjoy the rest of my weekend.


5 thoughts on “Order(ly)

  1. Yeah, that’s just like me…except for the orderly part…oh yeah, and getting up earlier on the weekends…and..uhum…my desk.

    Other than that, it’s just like me.

    Great post.



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