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The epitome of beauty 

Here’s a word I didn’t know.

If you’re like me (very unlikely):

(the epitome of) A person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type.

I kind of like this word. And may use it in the future.

Not today. 


The epitome of beauty is without a doubt my two daughters!

Also we can find the epitome of beauty in nature. 

Like on the picture above, one of my plants, about to bloom.

If I think about the epitome of laziness, hmm…

I got a text today that said: can you come upstairs please. To which I replied: er, why? And all I got was: to open the curtains

10 thoughts on “The epitome of beauty 

  1. Haha! I have these kinds of texts all the time from my daughter!

    Funny story time!

    My son age 9 got an iPad from his Dad at Christmas. I called upstairs for him to come down for dinner, I plated up the dinner and called him again … My phone was ringing I had a FaceTime … Son logs on and says…

    “Hi Mummy! What ya want?” …. He thought it was hilarious but only afterwards now can i see the funny side! lol

    The world is getting lazy!


      1. Haha must have been interesting going back to have a baby so many years after. I had that experience with mine, they have a 9 year difference. And soooo different is impressive.

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