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From Italy with Love…the Fifth


Our fifth aupair was also Italian and I didn’t see this one coming.

I was almost loosing hope, rethinking the whole childcare plan, when I was contacted by this girl.

She was already in the UK, with another family. Her story was unusual and probably should have rang some alarm bells.

This aupair came to London to be with a host family, a single mum and her 7 years old daughter.

After a week, the host mum said that her daughter actually didn’t want to have an aupair and that the girl had 2 weeks to leave.

During those two weeks the aupair would not have any more duties, or be paid. That’s when she started desperately looking for a new host family.

When I heard this story, I was bit outraged and slightly suspicious. Also, she was only 18 years old, the youngest aupair I ever had.

I interviewed her in person and she came across extremely well. I decided to trust my instincts and invited her to stay with us. She was looking to stay for 3 months, as she was still studying, she wanted to go back for school.

Where do I start?

This girl was simply amazing.

She was very mature and knew exactly how to look after my 3 years old daughter. She was educated, polite, considerate, would stay with us after meals and had very interesting chats.

She followed my daily plan and added value to it. She would even have dinner ready when I came back from work.

She made a cake with my daughters for my birthday!

She made friends with other aupairs in our town and together they would make lovely play dates for the kids – no one ever done that before, or since.

This aupair not only restored my trust in aupairs, but also changed my attitude, my approach, the way I relate with them.

It was a year now and since she left she already came back, on her school holidays, to visit us, as a friend, not as an aupair.



4 thoughts on “From Italy with Love…the Fifth

  1. update on this aupair. This year she wanted to come and stay with us again, for the summer months. But as I have a very reliable aupair now I didn’t have a place for her. She still came to visit us. I wrote a really nice reference for her and she found her new family in Kent. It was a lady, that held a very high position as a doctor in a good hospital, and her daughter was 8 years old. Her husband lives in India, so she needed help looking after her kid. After a week the aupair got in touch. She was not happy. I asked what was going on and the girl said she was shouted at on a daily basis and that there was a strict list she had to follow: at 10am hoover, at 10:30 feed the fish and so on and if she changed anything on that schedule she was being shouted at. I advised her to sit with the host mother and have a chat in order to get things better between them. The next day, early morning I get a message from the aupair, saying the host mother locked her in the house. I could not believe it. The girl told the host mum she was not happy with all the shouting, she got more shouting for that, so the aupair said she would be leaving the family. The host mum said she was going nowhere and locked the front door. I offered to call the police. Two hours after the lady must have come to her senses and ket the girl go. She came to mine. When I open the door there were tears and sobs. I let her stay for a couple of days, so she could decide what was her next step. She ended up filling a claim at the police and going back to Italy. She was very traumatised with the experience. Unbelievable.

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