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Where the river forks


We make decisions all the time.

Some are more conscious than others.

Nevertheless we make choices, decisions from the moment we wake up, until we fall asleep again. It’s like when the river forks, we choose which way to go.

According to scientific studies, the act of making decisions is emotional. It was seen that people with brain injuries, that affected their amygdala & orbitofrontal cortex, not able to feel emotions, were also unable to make decisions.

Here’s some interesting fact about decision making:

1- There’s no such thing as a rational decision – without emotional input, decision making becomes a very lengthy process, if not impossible at all;

2- Our decisions are influenced by social expectations and moral constraints;

3- If an individual relies too much on social information, instincts start to be ignored;

4- The more time it takes to make a decision, the less confident you’ll feel;

5- Making decisions reduces freedom, because it implies commitment;

6- Sleep on it! Although it’s not advised to take too long to make a decision, some reflection is welcome and brings things into perspective.

Antonio Damasio, Portuguese Neuroscientist, made quite an interesting study on Decision Making, have a look if you’re interested in learning more.



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