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GoodBye Goldy


After 8 years of Gold Fish joy he decided to go to fish heaven.

The girls always wanted a pet. A dog. A cat. A rabbit would be so cute. But as a full-time working mum, I never thought it would be a good idea to have one. I am in the opinion that you need to have time to dedicate to your pet, not leaving them abandoned and lonely. So we settled for 3 goldfish, 2 gold and 1 silver.

One of the gold fih didn’t last long, after 2 years we were left with Silvy and Goldy. Silvy got ill the beginning of this year. We felt really sad and were left with Goldy. He was never the same after his friend left us. And last week he started to be unwell. Today he left us. He was lifeless when I found him this morning.

This is coinciding with the day my youngest Primary School Teacher’s are coming for a first visit and I don’t know what to do.

If I take the fish and tank out, she’ll ask where’s Goldy and will get upset. If I leave it, it’s going to be weird to have her showing Goldy to the teachers.

I’m heartbroken and not sure what to do with Goldy now. But one thing is for sure: No more pets for us. I never do well when this time comes.


4 thoughts on “GoodBye Goldy

  1. Ahh! Poor Goldy!
    Talking about death with children is so important for them so they are prepared and understand when a family member dies. I had to deal with this with my oldest when my Mum died. She was so attached to my mum and little Beth, only 4 was devastated. We still talk about my parents. It’s important to us to share memories and to keep her alive in our minds.

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      1. Sometimes little ones are stronger than we think but at 4 i understand t that time with the trials and emotions of starting school i would understand why you wouldn’t tell her. Death is talked about on tv programs all the time and children absorb alot of conversation heard even though they might not be watching.

        When i brought up my daughter i always had the look of parenting that if she asked a question i would always giver her an hones answer while only telling her what she needed to know! try to think of that as you come across obstacles. a friend of mine lost her nan. When her child asked where Granny was she told him that granny was on holiday! i couldn’t believe it! she said he was too young to understand …he was age 6 by the way … i asked her what she was going to say when he hasn’t seen her in two years time! She realised her mistakenly then1

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