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BedTime Story

readingBeing a working mum, the time I spend with my children is very precious. I’m not saying I am doing relevant meaningful things every single second I’m with my kids, but I savor every little bit of it. Bedtime story is definitely something I try to do everyday, even when I’m so drained I almost fall asleep while reading the story.

We have quite a nice collection of books. As I have two kids, we have the books we got for the eldest one and the ones we got for the youngest. A proper children’s library.

Last weekend, My youngest suggested that we updated the pile of books she has next to her bed with “new books”. I went in the storage room, where I have things that are not in use on a daily basis, such as “spare books”, because their bookcase can only take so many.  – books that have been in the storage. She was so excited, as if we were discovering little treasures. The eldest one was equally eager in discovering the forgotten books and was handling them, as she remembered how much fun we had reading them.

Here’s two of our favorites:

mixed up fairy tales

This is a brilliant book that brings a twist to traditional fairy tales. The book has split pages each bit with a fairy tale character and text and you can randomly combine and mix up the stories ending up with the most hilarious stories; ei: Little red riding hood/grew to the size of a house/and dreamed of marrying/a grumpy giant.

please mr panda

This book was a recent buy and a very nice surprise. My little one chose it herself at the bookshop. It’s a very funny story that also shows the importance of having manners. A must.

What are your favorite bedtime stories?


4 thoughts on “BedTime Story

  1. I’m a big advocate for reading stories to children. When we do that we capture their imagination and pass on the love of reading. I hope you’ll visit my children story blogs and read my stories to your children. My grandkids are now enjoying the stories I have conjured up in my imagination. If you do read a story or two to your little ones, I’d love to hear their response. Blessings!!

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