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Chit-Chat, Small talk and Gossip


  1. Light conversation.
  2. Casual talk.
  3. Gossip.
  4. Talk about trivial matters.
  5. Inconsequential conversation.

There are people, who are absolutely amazing at this. They go into a room and can start a conversation with virtually anyone.

On the other hand, there are also people who struggle with chit-chat. You’ll see them smiling and nodding, or reaching out to their mobile phone, or just getting one more drink and pretend they are engaged.

I sometimes wonder if being able to chit-chat defines your success. Because, people who are able to chit-chat their way in life always seem to be integrated, engaged, persuasive, accepted and generally happy.

So is it correct to divide the world in two types of people? The Chit-chatters and the non-chit-chatters?

Do chit-chatters really want to make friends and socialise? Are they really interested in other human beings? Are they perceived as more friendly?

Do non-shit-chatters come across as anti-social people, inapt, uninterested, arrogant or even unfriendly?

Common ways of chit-chat:

Weather – this is the king of chit-chat. Is it still raining? It’s quite warm for this time of the year, don’t you think? Oh, the wind last night seemed like was going to blow my house away;

Transport – Do you have a long commute? My trains are always late…I’ve been to Paris last month and their tube is so much better.

Home – where do you leave? Where is that? Have you always lived there?

Job – What do you do for living? How long have you been in xyz?

Hobbies – What do you like to do when you have free time?…

And the list goes on and on. In fact, if you’re interested in people you’ll always find a way of reaching out and start a conversation. Sometimes can be trickier when you really want to cause a good impression, as when you are just about to have a job interview, or meet with and important client. But in this cases, I would suggest that preparing a few questions can avoid that you have a blank and find yourself in the awkwardness of silence.

What about you? Are you a chit-chatter? What are your tips on this?



3 thoughts on “Chit-Chat, Small talk and Gossip

  1. I actually feel chit chatting is a sign of low confidence! A confident person has substance in their words…I hate small talk as it leads to nothing. It is very frustrating. Sure it is a great way to break the ice…compliment someone or comment about the weather…but if all you want to do is chit chat, I run away from such people!

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