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My (Little) Red Riding Hood


Once upon a time, there was this lovely girl who lived with her parents and three siblings in a nice three bedroom terraced house.

[She was not little, because little girls would not go by themselves anywhere. She was twelve years old. When kids start to have some independence, go some places without their parents, but are still a bit naive.]

[Rose lived with her parents. Mum and Dad. The traditional character lived with mum only? I’m giving my one a full on family – but if you, like me, are from a single parent family, adjust it to: lived with mum/dad.]

So (this lovely twelve years old girl) had two sisters and a brother. One was younger, too young to be sent on a mission and the other two were teenagers. Always on the phone, could not, would not leave their room for nothing more than school, food and toilet.

So, mum was actually a working mum, and asked Little Red Riding hood aka Rose, to take lunch to granny, that had been poorly with sciatica and needed some company. Mum had bought some takeaway  from the local Chinese and was also sending some fruit.

She advised her daughter not to talk to strangers and specially not to go through the park, that could be quite spooky in the dark winter days.

But as soon as the girl left the house she forgot all that  mum said  (typical pre-teenager) and soon she was crossing the park.

Initially she was too busy to see the enormous animal emerging from behind the bushes. It was almost taking her basket away, when she turned smiling and petting him while she said, “You cute dog, never seen you around here. You can not take granny’s diner away. She’s old and not very well. Lives just on the other side of the park. Now go home and be a good boy.”

The Big Bad Wolf  (wolves are not bad, ok?) walked away. He had all information he needed. “Silly girl, shouldn’t have told me all that.” He ran as fast as he could and found granny’s house quite easily. He lifted his paws to the bell and rang twice. As he was waiting he noticed the door was not locked and would open with just a little push. From inside the old lady was inviting him in: “Come on my darling, your mum texted me saying you were coming.”

The cunning animal went in without being seen and hide under the her bed. Moments after there was another knock on the door. Granny lifted her head and said “is that you my darling?”

The girl came in, put her basket on the floor and run to hug grandma. They were really happy to be together and the old lady showed her granddaughter the level she was on Super Mario game. She had a console last Christmas and now that she had to stay in bed, that was one of the things that filled her days with excitement.

Red Riding Hood said she was hungry and went for the basket to show her granny the delicious food she brought, but found only an empty basket. She heard a noise, looked at the front door and saw a tail slipping out. That bad dog, she thought to herself.

As they were both hungry, Granny went on to order some Pizza and they spent the afternoon playing on the console. Later, dad came around and to pick up Rose. Granny said goodbye with joy reflected all over her face and said, “Close the door behind you, we never know what might be lurking around”.

The end

[The girl was not little – little girls don’t go on errands- or under-developed. Her family can be adapted to reflect your own family and avoid awkwardness with your kids. Wolves are not bad, don’t terrorise your infants with the poor animal and there’s no need to say he would eat humans and that the animal had to be killed. – I always adapt this stories, instead of reading them to my kids. I find the original ones a bit too cruel and with dubious morals.]


4 thoughts on “My (Little) Red Riding Hood

  1. Good post!
    I adapt stories too! i must be a bad mummy because eI don’t even think my two year old would even know this story or three little pigs! I’m more cautionary tales, Hungry Caterpillar and a Grufflalo lover!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha wait until who start getting specific requests. My daughter is now 4, and is terrified of the big bad wolf, but insists on having that story book. We bought it because she saw it at school and really wanted it. I keep hiding it and she keeps finding the book! Lol

      Liked by 1 person

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