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Italians eat a lot, the fourth


I was a bit weary of Italian girls, after my last experience, but after interviewing a few more candidates and find myself at the verge of inviting yet another Italian girl to come and become our au pair.

She was traveled, just returned from a long 6 months trip in Brasil. She was nice, pondered, seemed honest and very keen.

When we met her at the airport, I was even more pleased. She had a warm smile and as soon as we got home she sat on the floor playing with my little one.

She was a short girl with dark brown eyes and the most beautiful shinny dark brown hair.

At the end of the fist week I was so happy with her, I increased her pocket money.

She had an extremely good relationship with both my daughters. My house was super clean. She would do more that asked and was always happy.

But…On her second week, Tuesday it was, I opened the fridge and I had no milk, or eggs. We were also out of cereals and there was almost no fruit in the basket.

I do my shopping once a week. I buy enough for a whole week. I am used to manage a house with us three plus an au pair. I was intrigued. In two days the food was gone again.

I called her and had a quite chat with her. Explained that when something finishes, like milk, I would appreciate that she would let me know, via text, so I could replace it. And I also said that I was a bit concerned that the food I was buying for a whole week and that always lasted those seven days, was now going out in two days. She smiled and just said that Italians eat a lot. I said, ok, I can understand that. I would say this is eating more than what other people would do and if that is the case I’m going to ask you to buy the extra food you feel you need, because I am going to keep buying the same quantities that I know are enough for a week.

I think I could not have made a bigger offense. She stopped smiling. And started to buy her own super small packet of milk and other super small groceries, that she would keep in the kitchen for show and kept keeping eating my food as if there was no tomorrow. I called her on that once again. She made another fuss out of it and said she needed to get a part-time to pay for her food.

That’s when I said she needed to go, because this was not working. She stayed one month more (two in total) and left to work in our local pub…

I was asking myself what would come around next.


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