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How was school today?

Having two kids I do my fair part on asking this on a daily basis.

Both of them are very eager to go to school. But it wasn’t always straight forward when it came to how they reply to the same question.

My eldest was always very evasive. I would get answers like, ok, fine, good. And even if I’d go around and would ask in more detail, I would still get fine, good, ok… It was only wen she moved to secondary school that she started to really share her day at school and tell me the funniest stories, or her frustrations of the day.

My youngest is just the opposite. If for any reason I don’t ask how was it during the first hour I’m back home, she’s the one saying, hey you didn’t ask how was school today! And then she goes on telling me all about her day and the lovely things they done at school.

This conversations usually happen at dinner time, when we talk about our day. But many times the kids already take the initiative and follow me around the house (while I put down my bag and change into more comfortable clothes) with their stories.

I find this moments of sharing very important and it’s really beneficial for the bonding between us, as well as alerting me for anything that is not going so well and needs my intervention or my advice.

Do you and your kids do some life sharing as well?


2 thoughts on “How was school today?

  1. Always at meal times! It’s the only time we are all sat in one room as a family. Teenage daughter hibernates in her room at night, and son normally is out at the park! The little one goes to bed not long after. I ask opened questions though otherwise I would only get the odd okay, yes and no answers lol

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  2. I try to ask questions that require a detailed response like, “What was your favourite part of school today?” or “Did anything make you laugh out loud at school today?” and “What was your least favourite part of school today? Did anything make you feel sad/mad/bad?” The answers are usually pretty interesting!

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