working mum

Daily Commute


I can’t stop to be amazed, about how many delays and issues the trains have on a daily basis. You plan all your day, the time you need to leave and the time you need to arrive, and all goes down the drain when there’s problems with the trains. I have to travel daily from the suburbs into London.

This morning was particularly cold, -3C, when I arrived at the station the train was delayed by two minutes. After a few seconds, those two minutes became five and then about eleven. Freezing cold. I parked myself by the heater, inside the station building. When the train arrived, it was almost fifteen minutes late. But instead of the usual 7 stops, they decided to make it 3 stops only and time of arrival was the same as it never happened. Glorious!

But this doesn’t always have such a happy ending.

Last week, going back home, the train was delayed. When it arrived, there was double the amount of commuters waiting. It’s incredible to see people’s desperation, to just get on train and go home. Although England is quite a civilized and polite country, at this moments, people loose their finesse and is like a race for life! The train arrived, a sea of people rushes in, as if it was the last train ever (me included). I was very pleased that I got a sit. The minutes started to go by and the train would not go. The guard’s voice comes up apologizing, there was a fault with a door. Short after, the fault was with the electric system. The train company was so sorry, would update us commuters, as soon as they had more info on it. At this point, the delay was of about seven minutes already. The speaker’s went on again, dear commuters we ask you to leave the train, momentarily, so we can fix the train. It will be dangerous for anyone to remain inside. Some people just run off, looking for another train. Others just stayed outside the train. Expectant. I decided to go and look for the next train back home and thinking, what on earth were they doing to fix the train, that could be dangerous to remain inside…

I eventually got a train home, absolutely crowded. I didn’t get a sit.


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