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Second Au Pair: looks can be deceiving


I have been stood up by my first au pair. I was quite disappointed. We got used to have her around and the little one was finally getting on with her. But on the other hand, I was relieved. I needed someone different.

I had initially given up my bedroom for her. Although I had a spare room, I’m not really a big fan of my bedroom, after what I endured in there. It’s not that I feel traumatised. I just don’t feel absolutely happy in there. So I made it nice and cosy for her and went on sleeping in the spare room myself. For my second one, I decided to get the spare room ready for her and go back to my room.

I went on the au pair site and put up my advert again. I had one week to get someone in, before I had to go back to work. After interviewing a few of them, I decided to go for another Spanish girl. She could travel within 3 days and was very excited about the perspective of coming live with us.

I sat down with the girls, explained that the au pairs were to be seen as friends, that come around to help us, but never stay too long. I went on to explain that the first one would not come back and that I already had a new one arriving in the next couple of days. The girls took it well. We got everything ready: the room, the welcome pack and went to pick her up from the airport.

At first I was apprehensive. She had numerous tattoos and piercings. My eldest made a face and looked at me. I swear I could not see that on the Skype interview.

She engaged with the tittle one straight away. Genuine smile and interest. We got home and, instead of running to her room and isolate herself, she stayed with us and played with the little one. She automatically wan her over.

I have to stay that she was our best au pair so ever.

She knew how to engage with children. She had fun playing with her. My house was spotless. She didn’t need me to ask anything, she was always one step ahead. Polite, sociable, mature and full of energy.

At the weekends she’d always go to London. The whole weekend. When I asked where did she stay, she said she had friends who lived there and also her boyfriend.

This lovely Spanish girl stayed about 3 months. She left by her own initiative. Found a job in London and rented a room to go and live with her sweetheart.

I knew she would not stay for long. She was too good. Too driven. She gave me a month’s notice and didn’t leave until I found another au pair. She even stayed an extra day, to do an induction day.

My tattooed, pierced Au Pair was amazing!

I wonder what would be waiting for us, with the next one.


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