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Your usual Friday morning


The alarm goes off at 6.30am.

It’s the last day of the week, thanks god for that!

The little one crawls out of bed and follows me downstairs. Can you make my breakfast mum? Sure my darling. What would you like today?

Still half asleep and knowing I need to leave in less then half-an-hour, I rush into the kitchen and get her the breakfast only-mum-can-make. We can have a hundred people in the house, but it has to be mum.

I leave 5 minutes later than planned. The little one is happy having breakfast. Au pair sitting next to her and my eldest just woke up. I run upstairs give her a good-morning-kiss and a see-you-later-hug.

One hour later I arrive at the office. All is quiet. I’m usually the first one to arrive. I love the silence of the mornings, when I can update my never ending to-do list.

The phone rings. It’s the eldest one. Mum, the little one was crying her eyes out this morning. I came downstairs and the au pair was leaving for school with her. I run outside and called out, but they didn’t even looked back and the little one was still crying. Why were you calling them out?, I ask. I wanted to calm her down. The au pair should have not left while she was so upset. I reassure her that the au pair needed to go, school was about to start and they surely didn’t hear the call. The eldest one wanted to comfort the little one and was not happy.

Five minutes later another call from the eldest one. I was on the phone with the hospital; I got a letter from them yesterday, saying I have an appointment today. I work full time, I just can’t get such short notice and need to cancel an appointment I was waiting for over a month now. I call my eldest straight after. Mum, I can’t find my Oyster card

Oh well, just your usual Friday morning hey?


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