working mum

working mum V birthday party


I work full-time. Because I need it. Because I like it. Because.

It’s not so often that you see a single mum of two that works. Not even part-time, let alone full-time.

This has a direct effect on the number of kids that come to my children’s birthday parties.

I don’t do the school run very often. When I’m lucky to be able to do it, is literally a run, as I have to rush into work. This means that I don’t get to the school gate with time to smile and chit-chat about the weather, or stay after the kids go into class and chit-chat a bit more. Or even to get my double push-chair (as I don ‘t even have or need one) and stroll to the closest Starbucks with all the other mums and chat my morning away, while I shove some carrot sticks and pack of crisps to my toddlers and sip on my skinny latte.

I don’t do that. Don’t have time, or interest in those lazy days. Don’t have a problem with women that do it. But just it’s not me. But I feel they retaliate. The non-working mums. Because they don’t know who I am, apart from the working mum, that sometimes shows up in a rush, because I’m not part of the hard-core group of non-working mums (the majority of them) they don’t accept our birthday party invitations and we end up with about 5 kids from 20 invitations sent.

We manage and still have nice parties. We do have friends and family. But it puzzles me, as I accept all invitations for birthday parties. My Children always have a great time, so why not?



5 thoughts on “working mum V birthday party

  1. Nice post. I am a working single mum of a two year old. I went part time to try to simulate a weekend with him because our proper weekend is always split between his dad and I. I haven’t encountered the school run as yet, but I’m sure in three years time when I do I’ll have a similar experience. I hope to continue part time, though, if I can afford it when he goes to school – the “me” time would be lovely!


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