10 things that change when you have an au pair


Having someone to help you with the kids is amazing and makes a huge difference to my life quality.

A life changing experience.

Some changes are almost unconscious, so you accommodate a new person in your daily life.

1- No more walking naked around the house;

2- When in the toilet always lock the door;

3- There will be a run for the shower;

4 – Get up early so you’re the fist in the toilet and don’t have to wait and use a smelly toilet;

5 – Always have food in the house;

6 – Need to get super organised and always tidy up after yourself. You give the example;

7  – There’s no such thing as mind readers. You need to preempt situations and communicate your expectations;

8 –  Your weekly shopping will increase considerably;

9 – Your children will try to play the au pair. Be ready for small disputes;

10 – Spare time on building a relationship with your au pair and be grateful.


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