Let’s get started, shall I?

Host mum…

I’ve been known by many names. A’s mum, B’s mum, Mrs. C and now I’m also a host mum to the au pair living with us.

It was not an easy decision, to bring a stranger into my house, to look after my children. Single mum and childcare are difficult to put together in the same sentence. Most mums opt for give up their job until their kids are in full-time education. And I don’t blame them. Looking at the childcare costs, many times I felt I was working to pay it and nothing much.

When I was applying for my current job, my to-be-manager said that just because I’m a mum I don’t have to give up good job opportunities and mentioned if I ever contemplated having an au pair. That make sense and gave me hope.

I started to research about au pairs.

Who are they?

Where do they come from?

How much do they cost and how can I find them?

It was very reassuring to find so much about the theme and so many girls applying to be an au pair.

It’s been quite a learning curve for our family. Sometimes I got it wrong. But they have been paramount for us, for me as a single mum and for that I am very thankful.

Still, there’s so many challenges that present themselves to parents. They come as double or triple challenges when you’re a single parent and sometimes I feeling like I’m going nuts!

I’m not new to blogging. My first adventures date as far back as 15 years ago.

For me it was a craze, as a journalist, being able to express my ideas without having to go through the red pen of an editor. It was the best thing ever! Still is.

There was a time that I kept three blogs, each dedicated to a different interest of mine. I just had had my first baby and had plenty of time on my hands.

I would love to say that I haven’t stopped since, but, I have to confess that I haven’t kept it as up to date as I’d have liked. Work got busier, a second child came along and priorities changed.

But now, I see myself at a point where I have so much to share with you, I needed to come back and I’m sure it’ll be quite interesting. Looking forward to this new adventure!

And welcome to my Blog!




3 thoughts on “Let’s get started, shall I?

  1. While I have a few spare moments i thought I’d have a browse of your blog! Well, I’ve started right at the beginning! Saw one post and thought … Sod that! I’m reading the lot! lol

    An Au pair improbably the best choice for you to be fair. With more than one child, childcare costs can be a lot of money and as you say you pay most of what you earn when using a nursery. A Childminder would be your next best option but obviously have ti pay per child which bumps up the fees!

    I hope your au pairs first seven months have gone well!

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